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Why did they eliminate the “old” NIV? (And the consequences of this action)

Shortly after our Bible College years the New International Version was published in the NT and then the entire Bible translation. We have read, studied and memorized from this version all through our ministry. I still use an early edition leather bound Thompson Chain reference Bible that Brooksyne gave me for Christmas in 1983. Through the years it was usually the first version used in preparing my sermons and then these messages. We have not only memorized many verses from it but due to years of reading and study may recall specific key words or phrases.

Specifically I was studying this weekend and recalled a phrase “a continual lust for more” in relationship to a topic I was studying. I went to an online Bible I often use (Bible Gateway) and searched to find a verse with this phrase in it but was unable to find it. I was frustrated since I knew I had partially memorized a verse like this but didn’t recall the reference. So I used another search method in this case through the daily encouragement archives and sure enough it is Ephesians 4:19.

As many know the NIV was revised in 2011 and the wording in many verses was slightly changed (they would say updated). I suppose that’s inevitable. What is frustrating is that I noticed some time back that the old NIV was no longer on Bible Gateway. This last weekend I did some study on this matter and came across a number of articles indicating I was not the only one frustrated (see below for links to several articles).

For some reason the publishers of the “new” NIV felt it necessary to remove entirely the “old” NIV from the market including internet editions!

But I do have some questions for the publishers such as:
1) Since the new version is substantially different why didn’t you just give it a new name and leave the old NIV alone? For many it had an established good reputation and as noted above removing it from online access and from publication creates many problems for longtime users.
2) Why did you remove the old NIV from the market as long as there is a demand for it? This demand will probably last through my lifetime and then some at least (should Christ tarry)

Others have explored this issue and no use writing what has already been written. Here’s what others are saying on this matter:

Have mercy on those who memorized the classic NIV

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The Death of The NIV 1984 Bible (1984-2012)

Biblica kills online TNIV and NIV-1984

For those who may still prefer the “old” NIV or like me may be searching for a phrase you recall reading in it I was able to locate one online Bible that still has it http://www.biblestudytools.com


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